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7mm Surf Rope Elastic Kayak Canoe Paddle Leash Surfboard Surfing Leash Rope Safety Leash

Short Description:

Cord Thickness: 7 mm/0.27 Inch / Cord Length: 3.05 M/10 FT.

Function: The surf rope helps to glide quickly and effortlessly, and plays an important role in ensuring the safety of surfers.

Adjustable Length: TPU material, spiral spring shape, elasticity, length can be stretched.

Double-Layer Sticker: Double-layer sticker can effectively prevent the foot rope from falling off.Rotating interface,Rotating interface, fast connection, easy to use.

Material: Made of TPU, strong and durable.

Applicability: It can be used for surfboards and other water sports.

Product Detail

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Product Specifications

Product name  7mm surf rope (length 10 feet, about 3.05 meters)
Main material  TPU
Net weight  245 grams

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