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Surfboard Paddle OEM Customized Inflatable Sup Surfboard Stand up Surfing Boards Paddle Board China Wholesale Paddle Board Wood Grain Inflatable Sup Surfboard for Surfing

Short Description:

Glass fiber propeller sup paddle is made of 1.2mm thick aluminum alloy shaft, balancing weight evenly for unbeatable strength, and the durable PP & fiberglass blade delivers long-time durability for all the paddling adventures.The portable lightweight floating board oar has buoyancy. They are guaranteed to float in both salt and fresh water, does not sink.

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Product Specifications

small fin

Product name  small fins
Main material  PVC
Length  21 cm
Height  7.5cm
Net weight  111 g

Large fin

Product name  small fins
Main material  PVC
Length  24.5 cm
Height  21.5cm
Net weight  350 g

The Paddle pairs a carbon blend shaft and nylon reinforced fiber blade for the ultimate in durability and performance. It is built for use all water environments and stand up to demanding conditions. The shaft is a 50/50 blend of carbon and glass fibers for light weight, strength, and controlled flex. The joint between shaft sections is reinforced with an extra-long mating section and secured with redundant pin-lock and cam buckle, making the joint strong and reliable. The handle is a seamless all-carbon construction with a smooth plastic-free ergonomically contoured palm grip for comfortable long distance paddling.

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