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How to Choose Sup Paddles Choose Sup Paddles

When entering the water, the blade is as far as possible to explore and extend far, which can effectively improve the paddle efficiency. First, it increases the paddle length and helps to increase the single paddle pitch. Second, it increases the proportion of work time in the entire paddle cycle and enhances the overall output power of the human body. It is important to know that the biggest disadvantage of the single and double paddle ratio is that the work interval is too long. Therefore, as far as possible, it is worthwhile to maximize the range of the paddles within a reasonable range.

Action essentials: the lower arm is as straight as possible, the upper arm is slightly retracted; the waist can be rotated moderately (the right paddle counterclockwise, the left paddle clockwise), helping the paddle stick to extend forward. See K L's action demonstration.
It is worth noting that everything is too far behind. "Extension" beyond the range of flexibility of the body is uncomfortable and prone to loss of balance. Excessive "stretching" may not be worth the candle.

Second,  (CATCH)
A good water catching effect ensures a firm connection between the paddle and the water, providing more reaction to drive the paddle forward. A good paddle for catching water, not erratic, calm and powerful.
Action essentials: When the paddle leaves into the water, insert it obliquely to avoid tapping into the water and stimulating the splash. The blade can be forced when it is completely out of the water.

Once the paddles are in the water, don't feel sorry for your strength. The moment when the water just has not passed the paddle, it is often the position where the paddle pole is vertical and the limbs and torso are most convenient. English is called Hot Spot.
Action essentials: push up, hand down, thighs, torso rotation, waist and abdomen. Use the muscles of the whole body to make a paddle. Here, we need to remind you that almost all the experts have repeatedly stressed that the blade will immediately force the foot to the foot, do not turn the waist and push the paddle backwards, the efficiency of the action is extremely low.

Fourth,  (RELEASE)
The action of  describes the entire water supply. After the completion of the work, after the completion of the work, we need a clean and neat, no muddy water, no small movements of the water, in order to efficiently transfer to the next link.
Action essentials: Turn your wrists and let the edges of the blades and plates parallel to avoid bumps. Get up quickly with a 45-degree angle upwards, and work with your hands. At the same time, put the paddles as close as possible to the waist. Do not let the paddle blades sweep halfway around the board with the waist as a dot. This "lifting" word is actually quite vivid, remember, it is mention, not sweep!

The word "complex" is a hard translation of English Recovery, not enough. English is reset, meaning rest. Perhaps the SUP's paddle feature can best be reflected in this "complex" word. Because the body undulation is particularly large during the padding of the SUP, a resetting process is required. Otherwise, staying in a state of strength for a long time, and then the strong waist muscles can not afford.
Action essentials: Lift the paddles out of the water, and the process of the paddles forwards to the waist and straighten the waist, so that the back and even the whole body relax. Take the opportunity to focus on the next move.

Six, summary ---- draw a "rhythm" (Rhythm)
Although the paddle action is broken down into five stages, they are actually coherent and cyclical. Good-looking moves are often efficient and have a distinct sense of rhythm. The word "rhythm" is emphasized here. In a complete paddle cycle, the movements of each stage are also prioritized. The forward and forward exploration is smooth and precise, and the blade is soft and smooth when it enters the water; the paddle is calm and powerful when the force is applied; It is quick and light; it is relaxed and natural when the body is reset. Such a cycle is the cycle of Yuhong, free and easy, full of "rhythm", like a Dancer on the water.

Post time: Apr-14-2022